Art Therapy for all!

The BIGR is so excited that students from the IKON Institute of Australia have arrived in Bali!  They have come to work with Balinese and provide Art Therapy sessions as practice before they graduate, and the BIGR has been able to partner them with some awesome Balinese organizations. Over the next 5 weeks students will be working with 4 different organizations, leading art therapy sessions for the participants/residents.  They will be working with:

The Senang Hati Foundation, a non-profit organization where 150 disabled people have transcended negative social attitudes and dedicated themselves to the enlightenment of other individuals with similar disabilities,

KISARA, an organization that works with Balinese teenagers and focuses on sexual health education,

The PKP Women’s Center, an organization that has created a space for women to support each other and share skills to create job opportunities and achieve greater independence,

Panti Wreda Wanaseraya, one of only two government sanctioned homes for the elderly in Bali who have no where else to live.

IKON Pic for real hopefullyStudents leading their first Art Therapy session at Senang Hati!

We cannot wait to see what they will accomplish!


One thought on “Art Therapy for all!

  1. This is amazing! I think art therapy is one of the most important types of therapy there is. It’s personally my most effective form of therapy as well. Great post! Thank you for sharing 👍


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